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Our founder, Dr. Assana Gampine, holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Iowa and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Yale School of Management.  She worked in corporate finance for nearly 10 years, with large corporations, before leaving her six-figure job to create her own eCommerce company, which she started from scratch, acquiring 10,000 paying customers in under two years.  She later decided to focus her attention only on advanced analytics, her true passion, as you would discover in her story below. 

I grew up in an African village with no access to computers. One day after coming to the US to pursue higher education in chemistry, I discovered Microsoft Excel on a computer in my Ph.D. advisor's lab.  Listening to one of my advisor's post-doctoral researchers explain how he was using Excel to do data analysis, I was ecstatic.  I wanted to learn as much as possible.  I would go to the lab at night to learn Excel when I knew no one was using the computer.  Fast forward, I got my Ph.D., worked as a chemist in New York, then decided to go to Yale to earn an MBA.  One of the elective classes at Yale was "Making Decisions With Spreadsheets."  When I saw that title, my face lit up, and I knew I had to take that class. It was my favorite class.  It taught me how to build algorithms to solve various business problems.

I knew right then that data analysis was in my future.
My first job after business school was an intern position with Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, where I put my data analysis and modeling skills to work for the Sr. Director of Portfolio Management, transforming a time-consuming manual process into an automated process that could be executed in minutes
rather than days. Part of my profile in the interns' book at Pfizer read: My long-term goal is to combine management science with the power of Excel to help business leaders make better decisions. After Pfizer, I worked for three other
corporate giants, successfully taking on challenging analytical problems and transforming numerous time-consuming processes into automated processes.

At the end of 2015, I resigned from my 6-figure corporate job to start my own company, an e-commerce business, from scratch.  My analytical skills helped me achieve six figures in sales in the first full year, managing all aspects of the business myself.  In 2019, I pivoted to creating my current
consulting company to help companies solve data analysis problems.

I made it a point to learn programming languages such
as VBA, Python, R, and JavaScript to help me develop powerful tools to serve my clients better.

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Dr. Gampine has a unique gift of seeing pieces of the puzzle and bringing them together in the analytical world.  She is a life-long learner and spends some of her free time increasing her knowledge of data science tools. 

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