about us

Welcome to Gampine Group Consulting, where data analysis is not just a service; it’s our passion. Our journey began with the unwavering vision of our founder, Dr. Assana Gampine, who sought to merge the principles of management science with the power of business intelligence tools to empower decision-makers with actionable insights. We do everything to make life easier for our clients, help them save time and money, and make confident decisions.


Dr. Gampine worked in corporate finance, primarily in financial planning and analysis, for nearly ten years with large corporations before leaving her six-figure job to create her own company. Her first company was an e-commerce company that started from scratch, developing and marketing personal care products. She introduced five new products within the first year and served over 10,000 customers in less than two years. But after some inventory headwinds and difficulty finding a reliable source of a key ingredient, she closed the business.  Though the e-commerce failed in the end, through it she gained invaluable skills from doing market research, developing products to fill gaps, designing packaging, sourcing, digital marketing, marketing campaign automation, marketing data analysis, marketing optimization, compliance, and customer service. So, she pivoted to consulting, providing analytical services to other businesses.

Dr. Gampine: “My journey to data analytics is rooted in humble beginnings. Born to illiterate parents and raised in a remote village in a Third World Country devoid of computer access, my first encounter with Microsoft Excel during my Ph.D. sparked my interest in data analysis. Fast forward, I got my Ph.D., worked as a chemist in New York, then decided to go to Yale to get an MBA. One of the elective classes at Yale was “Making Decisions With Spreadsheets.” When I saw that title, my face lit up, and I knew I had to take that class. It was my favorite class. It taught me how to build algorithms to solve various business problems. I knew right there, and then that data analysis was in my future.  

My first job after business school was an intern position with Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, where I put my data analysis and modeling skills to work for the research portfolio management group, transforming a time-consuming manual process into an automated process that could be executed in minutes rather than days. After Pfizer, I worked for three other corporate giants, successfully tackling challenging analytical problems and transforming numerous time-consuming processes into automated ones.  

I am a lifelong learner. I taught myself VBA and R Programming, Power BI, and Tableau. In my free time, I learn Python and apply generative AI to better serve my clients.


At Gampine Group Consulting, we are

  • not just analysts but problem-solvers,
  • innovators, and
  • partners in your journey toward data-driven success.

We would be delighted to work with you.